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13 Dec 2018
A fitting tribute to a lovely man Zip; the turn out said it all. Nice touch from Barry & yourself in the order of service.I'm sure we'll all have a wee toast to "Terry from the Ferry" over the festive season.
11 Dec 2018
Stuart - think we all reckoned Terry would have been proud of the way it went. I'm just surprised that you seem surprised how much regard was felt for him. From an Emms point of view he'll be the space by us wherever we are - and whatever alcohol we're consuming he'll be there to have the Angels Share.
07 Dec 2018
thanks for the turnout at Terrys funeral it was good to see that he was held in such high esteem ,he would have been chuffed. zippy
26 Nov 2018
Just a word on the passing of one of the original Emmerdales; a good good friend with whom I had many many great nights & trips over the years. Loved his "snifters" in Winstons after the meetings and a man whom I never heard anyone say a bad word about. Sadly sadly missed my friend. RIP Terence.
23 Jul 2018
Another great weekend in Cardiff with Coates tours.
16 Jul 2018
Two grand prix tickets for Saturday in Cardiff available (price eighty pounds) available for sixty pounds contact 07762796382
03 Jul 2018
Hope your all enjoying the lovely weather. Even Sindy might not have blue legs...
08 Apr 2018
Whitt Ness
Wasit that man with the strange hat.?
08 Apr 2018
WHO said what about Chicken ?
02 Apr 2018
Everyone ok over the long winter. Still feels like winter. Except Mr Paterson who goes about in shorts !
15 Mar 2018
Grand Prix weekend luxury coach (inc toilet) to pairs meeting at Somerset on Friday 20th Cardiff town centre pick up return after meeting only 14 pound to book Tel 077627 96382 or E mail
09 Mar 2018
Swedish chef
some people like soup ready after the PING.
14 Jan 2018
Tom Alexander
Massive thank you to all involved with the wee birthday bash and for the good wishes from all those who couldn't make it. Much appreciated!
24 Dec 2017
To all Monarchs supporters near and far, we wish all of you a very "Merrye Christmas and a Happy New Season".
26 Jul 2017
Another great weekend in Cardiff with Coates tours...
17 Jul 2017
Rain in Cardiff area on Friday. Take your disco shoes incase pairs is off....
17 May 2017
We want the Rollers. Tartan scarf looked out.
10 Apr 2017
08 Apr 2017
I M Classie
You've miss out wee Joe he was cute as a button