UPDATE: Mitchell Davey

Chicken, 14 May 2018 19:19


Mitchell remains in critical care with his condition being closely monitored.  However, now that some swelling has reduced the extent of his injuries are more apparent.  

Mitchell is able to speak but still requires oxygen to aid his breathing.  He remains bed bound and unable to sit up, this is due to the seriousness of his punctured lung.  Doctor’s are still assessing his condition and whether surgery will be required as he has air on the outside and blood inside the lung.

Experts have advised that Mitch will have limited capacity in his lung for a long time and at this stage it’s preventing him from sitting up. When he has tried to sit up his heart rate has dropped to dangerous levels and the pain has become almost unbearable.  It is unclear how many speedway riders these experts have dealt with, and may hold the notion to base their diagnosis on an average man and not in fact racers eligible for super human status.  

From a doctors’ point of view the most spectacular injury of all is Mitchell’s broken shoulder blade. Which has effectively snapped in half, something that's almost impossible to do according to experts. – Record books for Davey? Most Spectacular brake?? 

It has now emerged that there are significant torn ligaments stretching across his back and the vertebrae from the belly button downward are broken on his left side.  His ribs are just as much broken as they were, with no further update or new found injuries (we’ll take that as a bonus).

Understandably, Mitchell is currently receiving high doses of morphine but incredibly is in good spirits despite the amount of pain he is in and is hopeful to be transferred to a hospital near home in Glasgow soon. 

Mitchell’s wife – Our Donna would like to pass on that they are blown away by the volume of messages they have received since his crash. She would like to ensure everyone who has sent a message that Mitchell has read them and is extremely grateful for everyone’s concern.

Donna would also like to say thank you to the clubs who have held collections on Mitchell’s behalf, and to the Ben Fund’s Paul Ackroyd for his help in the last week.

Lastly, she would like to thank Birmingham and Swindon commercial manager Lee Kilby who has organised a walk from the Brummies Perry Barr stadium to the Abbey stadium in Swindon in aid of Mitchell.

His ‘Walk for Mitch’ campaign is in full swing and full details on how people can donate will be posted through Mitchell’s official website, and the official websites of both Swindon and Birmingham in the coming days.

All in all, he should be back for the play-offs.

Joking a side, the news of Mitchell’s crash came as a huge shock and we have been delighted to hear a few positive updates over the weekend.  A lot of information to take in by the most important thing is and that our good friend will continue to gain strength and get better.

Stick in Mitch !!