RIP Alan Longmuir

LRM & Liam Rudden, 6 July 2018 16:41

We were very sad to hear that Alan Longmuir, Bay City Roller superstar and patron of Monarchs 100 club died after a short illness.

His good friend, Liam Rudden shared some words with us on Alan's love for the Monarchs and Speedway

"Alan loved his visit to Armadale. He’d been a regular when he was younger at Old Meadowbank and was delighted when he was asked to be a patron of the Monarchs 100 Club. He took the role very seriously and had a great time meeting everyone and doing the fundraising walk across the Forth Road Bridge, complete with the cast of I Ran With The Gang in tow.
er he was first to support the idea of doing a fund-raising show for Monarchs, raising the best part of £1000 for team.

He really enjoyed meeting all the fans afterwards. Indeed he had just agreed to do another fundraiser this August for Monarchs 100 Club. A highlight of his last visit was having his picture taken with Ed but secretly he couldn’t resist the opportunity to hop on a speedway bike. He’s going to be so missed.”

It's good to know Alan ran with our gang


Rest in Peace Alan Longmuir 1948 - 1918