(what do you think you heard)

05/10 home

Chicken "Aye his birthdays aboot this time every year

Saddam "Josh wiz coming up to look at a programme                                                      

Zippy "Oh I thought we where going to throw it away"      

Saddam "I've won , that's me oot 'o' pocket

28/09 home

Ella "The undertaker has spoken"

                                                   Chicken " You look so-------( DaLenz -- primark.) "  

           Zippy "Maybe he needs a number two

22/09 black Bull

                              Alana "Are you having a moment

R.D. "Dinae ask me I'm a mushroom - kept in the dark and " !!                                            

              Sindy "I'm tagged into Germany - oops" 

KenL "So that's a dessert menu then

14/09 home 

Saddam "There's something wrong the night" 

        Diesel "Need tae fight fir that first corner

Chicken "You've no bin that trendy in 30 year"            

via text "That ridiculous carry on on-line" 

07/09 home

DaLenz "Wae a wee rat  'o' a dug

     Saddam "The elbae's will be below the bike

                          Zippy "If he'd finished his preening quicker

Mag's "That's The 300th the night

31/08 home

Odds & Chicken "We thought you were on fire"

    Saddam "If they didnae make the gate

                  Diesel "That's no Bach is it"

Shirley "Aye the nights are fare draw'n in" (traditional) 

24/08 home

Zippy "You din'ae get money at speedway, goodness gracious

     Diesel "Come on Victor, come up - come doun

Saddam "It's no a quiz Bill"       

Diesel "Odd's on the bell when we see her

                    Saddam "Rider in blue fell, his nappy came off" (juniors)  

17/08 home

Zippy "It's starting to unfurl

          Saddam "And the time 'o' the night is"? 

                              Chicken "It's instant tea" !

11/08 away Berwick

Saddam "He's just a nipper

            Diesel "Shut up ya slaister"

                                     Saddam "She had to put her sewn doun                    

KingRib "Have you left the horse outside

10/08 home

Saddam "Soon as the ref gets out the boax" 

03/08 home

DaLenz "A well dressed t-shirt

                                      Saddam "It's no fancy dress this week

             Diesel "Excluded fir be'in a dumpl'n"    

Saddam "That's fast enough £rik"                          

                             Saddam "We'll no worry aboot track records"


27/07 home

Saddam "It was PHEEW at the fives

                                    Odds "Is this really Armadale"

           Saddam "Your slash, that's no a cue for you

                Chicken "That woman thought we were a queue

13/07 home

Spangle "How many on the bus coming back"? 

     Diesel "Eh jist keep a eye on it"

                           Saddam "Splash'n oot fir a round wae £3"

             Saddam "Thanks Erik fir that wobble

                    Chicken "But you secretly want to"

06/07 home 

Sindy "I don't know how I managed to say what I just said"? 

     KingRib "Nae photos in the centre"

Chicken "Joel say's he's frozen"                 

Zippy "Suddenly WHOOPH"  

30/06 away Berwick

Saddam "Oh that's us through now" (heat 1)

               Saddam "Another canter

                        Chicken "Your Fletcher but sometimes Arkwright

29/06 home

 Zippy "Na it's no, that's no him

            Saddam "Jim I'm the star o the show"   

                                      Chicken "Who should I pick , 1 fi' 7"? 

22/06 home

Odds " I nearly spilled ma drink

        Saddam " The time for the night 55-9

                        Saddam "We've had some absolute pudd'ns oor the years

Dangerous " Oh, extreme jelly                                              

16/06 away

Chicken "What's the point o that, look at it"  

08/06 home

Spangle "I thought you were on a soft drink

                                                                             Saddam "He's still a follower o fashion"  

Chicken "If he didnae moan,he'd forget how to speak                                            

                     Zippy "You might have a big surprise on your hands

Sindy "To much cotton wool in ma head"                                             

25/05 home

Sindy "Only you caught up last week

               Saddam "Forecast a fall"   

                               Saddam "well done coty paid" 

Diesel & Chicken "Even if his big nose touches" 

11/05 home

DaLenz "A couple trying to get their face in the windie

Zippy "I'm right every week, most days"            

Chicken "You've got more stationary than Menzies                                                   

04/05 home

Odds "Somerset, it's the only time I wear that top

          Diesel "He makes an ugly wumin

                 Chicken & Saddam "Zipper is that you

27/04 home

Diesel "He bailed oot , the big sh**er

Zippy "Can be annoying your beer full 'o' grit            

Chicken "Your no writing that doon, book out                                                      

Chicken "I'm just check'n your welfare

20/04 home

Chicken "Oh that's my writing

Molly "Hoy I'm gett'in aw that in ma face                                                                 

                    Saddam "He'll go in his little black number

           DaLenz "you can put them away now"  

Odd via text. "I fell asleep       

Spangle "Just another Laraine moment"

06/04 home

Chicken "Ken yer dinnae spend pocket"?

Saddam "Naw it's Josh"                             Diesel "It's still encouraging, isn't it" 

Chicken "Oh that's a nice thing to say to me"

DaLenz "She's got a Charlie Brown hat"     

30/03 home

Via text "First night, ya coudnae make it up"



Winning quote

"I'm gett'in a row fir no listen'n to the row a was gett'in" !