(what do you think you heard)?

"Don't make comments like that out loud"


22/09 home

Zippy "I thought if I had a bigger light"

           Chicken  " They had a mountain"

Diesel "Calm doon ya silly ---------!"                 

                   Saddam "That was a wrong decision"

15/09 home

Chicken "Where's the greet'n faced one"

      DaLenz "Aye, but he sounds like a scoucer"

Saddam "A wine advent calendar"

                                                   Saddam "It hit the post"

08/09 home double

DaLenz "Well done he heard you"

        Zippy "You we're hoping it'd gone oot"

Diesel "He's got another leg"                 

Chicken "Texas, celebrity dad"

   Saddam "A rare event, money back"

              Chicken "He rolled them up his ayn crack"?

Sam "Me dad told me to stop whinge'n"


18/08 home

                Saddam "Soon as you see a track walk"         

                                            Sindy "Wine & Horses, very posh"

           Diesel "A hae tae sell these"

DaLenz "Aw dae'it next week"

                                                    Diesel "Aw well if ye say so"

11/08 home

Saddam + Sindy "Cheese board"

Diesel "Get off the track, skinny big get"   

                     Saddam "Yer yellie baw crushers"

Sindy "He rode like a salmon"?

04/08 home

The Voice "Over to the box, and Uncle Albert"

         Saddam "That's fast enough fir ye"

                                              Diesel "Com'on Josh, no there's, oor's"

28/07 home (Maw at 90)

Dick. "He'll get a fright when Molly jumps oot that cake"

       Maw "Am no on facebook"


19/07 well away

on discovering they wanted £7-60 a pint

Chicken "Away an hae yer sell a shite !"         .

14/07 home

Saddam "it's no suppose tae rain the night"                                                  

                                              Zippy "I've got a better body"  -------  All "WHAT"

         Saddam "George will be dae'n his Ferguson in the bar"

                   DaLenz "Remember tae get quotes fi Cardiff"

07/07 home

Chicken "But your still go'in tae the quack"

               Saddam "Millers & Jubjubes dinae mix"

Saddam "Wae designer weLLies on"               

DaLenz "Oy, I've jist had ma erse claw-ED"

23/06 home

Odds "I did well, 35p cider"  

    Saddam "Right then, lets have it"

Chicken "Have we got a race or a heat"?            

Diesel "There's a difference" ?

           Saddam "Even got the cheque book the night"

Saddam "Woffinden the welt"                   

17/06 away KB/DO

from all round Shielfield

"Sun's oot 25degreesc, are we at Berwick" ?

16/06 home

                                                       Chicken "Did you hear that"?

    DaLenz "Gone cross-eyed try'n tae sooch that"

                                      Diesel "And what would you dae wae a broken finger"

              Saddam "The track's £*!#ed  rough"

                         Diesel "Oy, Think positive" 

09/06 home

Diesel "That doesn't sound right, Emms & sense"

     Saddam "Oh it's the sewing bee in the box"

Saddam "In his posh Fife accent"                      

Zippy "Well, I remember the problem"                                                                   

Diesel "Back bend bunching

Saddam "Gash, double gash"

02/06 home

Zippy "I'll have to fill his prog as well now"              

          Merlin "A daenae need a jaickit, unless it's cauld"

Zippy "Oh, the director chappie"

The Voice "Stoap that, stoap it"                      

26/05 home

Saddam "Naw, naw it's still in date"

       Diesel "Hear, banjo's dae a U-turn"

Chicken "Nearly cawd ma self our"                  

Diesel "Listen peacock"

    Chicken "It's very DelBoy, jist right

                                 Sindy "Aw there wet jaggies now"  

19/05 home

Saddam "If I win this week , do I get to keep the money"?

         DaLenz "That's why he's aged"

Chicken " No it's teal"           Zippy "In horse's palance"                     

The Voice (from a car) "That's green hair"

12/05 home

              Zippy " #What ! ? "

Saddam "Oi there ma seats"                   

Saddam "Sunshine awe week , Here a different planet"

  Diesel "Awe there's a shock

Saddam "Win the money ,gi a £1 back"             

                  Odds "He's no half gett'in bald"

05/05 home

DaLenz "I thought it would be warmer longer"

     Chicken "The Emmerdales couch"

                  Saddam "Rib's bin 55 fir 30 year"             

Diesel "Did you win the dosh, 21s11d"

         April "Aye it's speedway doll"         

MD. " He's psychotic fit "                          

28/04 home

Saddam " They have previous"  

   DaLenz "He's no want'in to win 17/6"      

Chicken "Squeaky bum time"                 

         Saddam "What's that a glass o chips"?

DaLenz "I'm gett'in a row fir no listen' in to the row a was already gett'in"

21/04 home

       Diesel "Bunch 'o' erses back to the tapes please"

DaLenz "Original not Authentic"          

   Chicken "I thought it was my friend"

Zippy "I'm trying to make you feel guilty

14/04 home

Saddam "A pie swim'in aboot ma beans"

Sindy "I ate a whole easter egg"      

Saddam "Stocking the guy's chips

Zippy "Brains go into reverse"

Saddam "Whelt bridger"                

        Chicken "You no cauld , ya hairy beast"?

08/04 away

Chicken "Their strict with the time"

       Jake "I'm knackered walking round fi there"

Diesel "Riders cute"?              

Gabby Cabbie "I'd really pish maself if I didnae hae gout"

07/04 home.

Molly "Goat thum"?

   Saddam "Fritz a grand auld team"

Diesel "Looked like he'd come oot o C&A"           

The Voice "Hoover'n the buffet"

Chicken "She's hav'in a cleggy mump"                                                                              


31/03 home. 

Zippy "Go faster jacket"

    Saddam "Yer livin' on the edge tonight, mate"

Chicken "I've got loads o story's for ye"   

      Sindy "I dinae know what am doing"

Saddam "My prediction , re-run 2nd bend"