(what do you think you heard)

04/10 home

Saddam "Ye need Mr. Magoo's glesses fir this

                                     Odds "5 and 4's nine isn't  it"

DaLenz "It's fir read'n under the bed covers                                  

                Chicken "The wee one's get racing on Saturday

13/09 home

             Chicken "You sneak up on a door, then assault it

                             Diesel "Hae what, I'm eating ma tea"

Saddam "Fifty-seven what"?                     

               Diesel "What, you been singing"

06/09 home

DaLenz "He's replaced himself                                          

                              Zippy "Do you want a bet he'll finish 4 laps"

Saddam "He's an imposter

Saddam "Your a bammer yersell"                                                                                  

                            Sindy "He's got a face you'ed like to punch

Saddam "Aye a bawbag

16/08 home

                      DaLenz " He must be the auldest 12 year auld here" 

Mags "Ya muppet,  you."                                                     

                             Diesel "Shuffle up a bit

Anon - "Git a move on ya wee thug

04/08 away Skunny

Q,   Chicken "Do you want a wee pint"

                                   A,   DaLenz "NO, I'll have a full one"! 

Rocky "It to cold for kilt, today"?                                                

02/08 home

Deek "That's right, waggy arse

Chicken "He's got, go faster leathers on"                 

Saddam "Lamberts bike is on 2 minutes                                                      

                                Molly "I'm going for tickets"

Saddam "The enigma that is **** "       

26/07 home

Odd "I've made an erse 'o' it awready."                                          

                    Chicken "Funny folk in t-shirts everywhere

Saddam "Ye canae dae any mare changes "(repeat)                                                                 

                      Diesel "Nice to see Mr. Sam back

Saddam "Just my knowledge"                        

14/07 away.

Sindy "Clothes should be kept separate from fluids

                 Saddam "Oh, Posh rough

                           DaLenz "No, he's stepping over that drink

Saddam "Nice toilet on the bus, and nae Zipper                                                      

                            Donna "The refereeing was a bit shabby" 


12/07 home

Sindy "He look's like the blond guy with the teeth

                                   Saddam "What's this counsiler Coates

 DaLenz "He's having power withdrawal                                               

                            Saddam "Slugger Andersen

05/07 home

Chicken "Speedway smells great tonight.

    Zippy" Bi'n watch'n to much football, brains scrambled

                                       Chicken "She's a little bit trendy

28/06 home

            Chicken "I've done it wrong again

                           Mags "He's jist a wee swine"! 

Diesel "That another trophy they'r no gonae win


DaLenz "The refereeings a farce                  

21/06 home

Zippy "My conscience is clear

                                      Saddam "Oh aye, the cheese board"

DaLenz " Duck tape on yer phone         

April "I've smelled his cheese before"                           

14/06 home

Sindy "Are you hob-nob'n"?

           Diesel "We had enough for a heat

                              weeHarry "That's Joshie, yes it is" 

Saddam "Me gett'n the loot

24/05 home

Deek "I've no trained um, he's jist lazy

                                Zippy "What's that, three big horses

       Chicken "Oh, I've gave them a 4 - 2

Saddam  "An announcement of an announcement

17/05 home

Saddam "You naughty boy

          Zippy "Nice 'O' Danny"                                    

Zippy "A wee pretend jobbie                          

       DaLenz "He's read a pamphlet, an expert"  

11/05 home

Deek "He's got Amardal'itis." 

        Saddam "Dae ye think yer Erchie"

Zippy "I'm away after this one"          

Mags "Well that wis SH**, wer'nt it" ?  

03/05 home

Diesel "Hand knitted, like a few folk in here

              Sindy "Mines wrong even before the 1st. race

DaLenz "It's no hot enough to be baltic"              

Chicken "Now I'm wrong coping you                                         

19/04 home

Sindy "I came in , and got told I was to be responsible

Zippy "Could'nae open a lucky bag         

   DaLenz "He can'ae read and talk at the same time"     

Diesle "Same lawnmower as last year        

Saddam "Have you got any sweeties"               

12/04 home

Zippy "All the sand off the dog track "? 

          Saddam "A bit councillish ir'they no"  

Zippy "That's my gripe for the week"               

         DaLenz "Sindy's talking into Ed;s ear, the false one

KingRib "So the toilet's have your approval" ?                                         



Chicken "You've no bin that trendy in 30 year"