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With no fixed abode, the 'Scottish Monarchs' gratefully rode on a Sunday at Shawfield Stadium throughout the '96 Season.  A move back along the M8 brought us to Armadale where we soon settled in to the Lothianburn Arena.  11 years on, were still here with a few more laughter lines and a much heavier trophy cabinet!!

1996: The Monarchs meet Barry Briggs at Orwell Lodge


1997: Peter Carr & Robert Ericksson Best Pairs / Captain Kinky shows of the KO Cup / Blair Scott in PL post

The Emmerdales test out the KO Cup "Yes Lads, we can get a crate full in here"

1999: Monarchs do it again - Bring the KO Cup home from Arena Essex


Peterborough in the hay-days


1998: Lawrence Hare comes back to vist 


1999: The Motorshow 1 / Emm's tribute to the Motor


The Dale: Where we learned to drink - and forgot to stop


2001: Psyching up for the Derby @ Glasgow / 2002: When Rory was a reserve!!


2003: We are the Champions .... Still our Champions



John & Alex keeping a tight grip / RDA raising a glass to the Champions


Baz finds a way to stop Rory talking / Glasgow only here for the 'Banter'


Wayne Carter & Kenny McKinna relax in the bar / Magnus Karlsson learning on & off the track


Mags comes prepared, party hats and vodka at the ready / Rory loves a Scottish do

Deek: When I grow up I want to be Captain just like you.  Fred: No F*&*%' way


Peter Carr 4 times Scottish Champ / The Motorists celebrate

The phones were red hot when the Motor won EEN Sports Personality of the Year 2000

2005: Only some of the travelling support at the Cardiff GP


Give the Home fans a song at Workie / The mump hat was introduced

Giving the weegies a gubbin' on and off the track 


2005: A poor season for Monarchs but the Young Team were flyin' - Dale Devils win CL Trophy


2006: Weekend long party / Sing when were winning

2007: The Best Track Team in Britain


1997 The Motor's Back / 2007 The Motor's back again. Fans flock to say farewell to Wayne Carter


MSSC Present the Silverware / The Hampton Hotel - A haim from haim


Wherever we go, people know, who we are and where we come from


Pals of old / Vodka jelly !! ... nuff said ...


2006: Captains unite / 2007: The Templeton Bros could still give you a run for your money


2007: Kalle & Dodd join the Monarchs / Season finally - Win the Scottish Cup


Team-mates take the floor  

And so it goes on ....

2 ... 4 ... 6 ... 8 ... who do we appreciate ...


  Happy 60th Birthday Edinburgh Monarchs  

  Heres to many more happy seasons   

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