Scotchin' hot summer in Cardiff


Andy & Derek won the George Wells Trophy for Most Improved rider in 2005 & 2006.  Matthew Wethers won in 2007, photo to follow.

the Dale Devil's take the trophy at Stoke 2005


 Doc gets his Honours                                               Stoney got more than he bargined for


 Shammy was our Champ on the telly


Diesel and Spangle pull a couple o birds

The Monarchs were Premier League Champions - 2003


The old ones are the best, Captains Reunion & Emm's get awe-struck


Ode For Ronnie

There is a friend among us
Who we always know as R.D.
He's always on the lookout
For that something you can't see
We wind him up as always
And give him plenty cheek
At his countless efforts
To have something unique
As he's not succeded
We thought we'd help him out
To find that special something
A one-off, without doubt
So sup your wine
And drink your ale
I give you now
The one, the only "Swallydale"
Frae yer mates, The Emmerdales