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Scotchin' hot summer in Cardiff


Andy & Derek won the George Wells Trophy for Most Improved rider in 2005 & 2006. 

the Dale Devil's take the trophy at Stoke 2005


 Doc gets his Honours                                               Stoney got more than he bargined for


 Shammy was our Champ on the telly


Diesel and Spangle pull a couple o birds

The Monarchs were Premier League Champions - 2003


The old ones are the best, Captains Reunion & Emm's get awe-struck

              Ode For Ronnie



There is a friend among us


Who we always know as R.D.


He's always on the lookout


For that something you can't see



We wind him up as always


And give him plenty cheek


At his countless efforts


To have something unique



As he's not succeded


We thought we'd help him out


To find that special something


A one-off, without doubt



So sup your wine


And drink your ale


I give you now


The one, the only "Swallydale"


Frae yer mates, The Emmerdales



Ne'er has there e'er been a season

Wi' such murkie black skies and rain

Nae sooner are ye upo' a morn'

Yer thinking 'am gettin' drookit again!'


Fir its what happens oan yon day

'Tis the reason we a' come gither

To watch oor chieftains o' the track

An' complain aboot the weather!


Be rantin' as oor Master Sam

And brothers Erik an' Mark

Gie the opposition pelters

As they hurtle roond the track!


We'll be beckoning new lad Ricky

An' welcoming back oor mitchell

The comeback king fae injury

'Mon laddie - time to end yon ritual!


No forgetting young Max

Who we know the tigers fear

We see them in a panic

 Whene'er he gangs near.


Fir Josh 'tis aw a learning curve

An' we know he'll gie his best

Goan side-e-ways and gie-in it laldy

To oor neebors fae oot the west!


Noo lets cast an ee' fae east to west

To oor stars o' cinder and shale

Lets toast these bravest o' young men

For speedway shall prevail!

                                                             Laraine Wells. 2017


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